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Cambodian Weapons Law & The Convention On...                                    Judicial Independence in Cambodia: An Overview Analysis                      Justice and Reconciliation for the Victims of the Khmer Rouge? 

           Prosecuting the Khmer Rouge Views from the Inside                           The role of International Labor Organization Convention 189...         Understanding Acceptance of International Justice                           


Research Brief 


Safeguarding Safe Labour Migration of Cambodia's ...                            Justice and Reconciliation for the Victims...(Khmer version)             Justice and Reconciliation for the Victims of the Khmer ...


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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019                                        The European Union Commission Officially Announce...                    Canadian Government has granted asylum for a Saudi teen ... 


Unsafe Food and Food Safety prevention in Cambodia                      Traffic congestion caused by Auto Rickshaw...                                     EBA’s Withdrawal from Cambodia: Challenges and Opportunities



Women Allowed driving In Saudi Arabia: What’s...                             How the Flood Resulted from Dam Collapsed Affected ...                  The Legal Aid in Cambodia


What Does the U.S. Withdrawal from the U.N...                                  The Non-Compliance of Chemical Weapons Destruction ...              The Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on...



The Presence of the Constitutional Law on the Amendment...          The New Development of Technology leads to ...                                The Rights to Education in Cambodia: women in higher education



Human Rights and Environment: Cambodia                                         The Autonomous Weapon (AW) and the International...                  The Situation in Myanmar and Crime under International ...



The Deportation of Montagnard Asylum-Seekers                                     Human Rights Defenders in Cambodia                                                  Deporting Cambodians from the United States: Human Rights...


U.S missile strikes against Syria airbase amount ..                              Legal and Moral Understanding of Cambodia-US’s War-Era Debt   President Trump’s Immigration Ban



Australia-Cambodia Refugee Deal                                                            Implication of International Criminal Court...                                       War Crime on the Use of Chemical Weapons Goes...



Should Tony Blair Be Tried for Crimes against Peace?                       Hissène Habré’s Case - Head of State Immunity?                                 ECCC - The right of accused to present a witness


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IHL Moot



The memorial for the defendant_D23                                The memorial for the prosecutor_P23


Nelson Moot



Humanity First and Government of St. Priyah and Miyah-Applicant  Humanity First and Government of St. Priyah and Miyah-Respondent


Nuremberg Moot

Memorandum for the Defense                                                Memorandum for the Prosecution