About CSHL

The Center for the Study of Humanitarian Law (CSHL) was established in August 2014. CSHL is an independent and non-monitoring university-based research center attached to the English Language Based Bachelor of Law program (ELBBL) at the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE). CSHL conducts and supports quality research in order to promote human rights and humanitarian law through an academic platform to produce research in these areas. The work we undertake is aligned with our commitment to operate as a Center of excellence that offers a broad range of academic and professional resources in relation to human rights, and international humanitarian law to everyone. CSHL’s mission is not possible without the generous support from the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI), RULE, and our partners.



To be the leading university-based research center in human rights and international humanitarian law in the ASEAN region.



The Center for the Study of Humanitarian Law is committed to advance knowledge and understanding of human rights and international humanitarian law through rigorous research, high quality education and academic collaboration.



The culture of the Center for the Study of Humanitarian Law (CSHL) is our shared values, beliefs and behaviours that unite us as we strive to achieve our mission.

The Values that CSHL staff commit to are:

- Integrity - we strive to be honest, ethical and moral

- Independence – we value institutional and individual independence

- Honesty - in all of our communications

- Transparency – in all our work procedures

- Supportive relationships – in a family like workplace

- Inclusion


CSHL staff Respect

- The rights and dignity of individuals

- Professionalism

- Independence

- Excellence

- Achievement


Behaviour – CSHL staff:

- Encourage teamwork both in the workplace and with partner organisations

- Say yes to professional challenges

- Encourage collective success while supporting individual achievement

- Are flexible

- Make a positive difference to our community

- Encourage innovation

- Foster positive partnerships

- Develop Strong networks (including international networks)

- Motivate themselves, students and others

- Support their own and others mental and physical well being