Moot Court Training & Competition

To further enhance students’ knowledge, research skills and expertise in human rights and humanitarian law, the Center supports law students of the ELBBL program to join three moot court competitions. The first is Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Moot held in Cambodia for the first round and held in Hong Kong for the last round. The second is Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot Court Competition (World Human Rights Moot) held annually in Geneva, Switzerland. The third is Nuremberg Moot Court which held in Nuremberg. 

In general, the Center’s Researchers provided coordinating, coaching and editorial support to the competing students in their preparation for writing quality legal memoranda, required to be submitted to the competition committees, before they qualified to plead their case before volunteer judges and observers. Such process allowed the competing students to deepen their knowledge and skills in conducting research, analyzing legal issues and instruments, and advocating their arguments regarding issues related to human rights and humanitarian law, as well as international criminal law.