Internship Programs

CSHL Internship Program

CSHL has recruited talented law students from ELBBL program through its internship program to work as a research assistance and other organizational supports as requested. The internship opportunity was open to all law students at RULE as well as public and widely announced on the Center’s information board and its Facebook page as well as other law group related pages on social media. The Center offered a monthly stipend to support traveling and food costs for the student interns as a small compensation for the students’ hard work. The student interns were under the supervision of the Researchers and Librarian who assigned appropriate tasks to them. As a result, the student interns contributed to the works of the Center as follows:

- Providing assistance to the Researchers in collecting data for research,

- Drafting the Center’s monthly newsletter and academic conference report,

- Assisting in translation and proof-reading of the Center’s official letters and documents, and

- Assisting in the preparation and organization of the Center’s events, especially the Center’s annual academic conference and moot court competitions.


The objective of CSHL's internship program is a quid pro quo. By working closely with the Researchers and other staff, the student interns can expect hands-on practice to gain working experience and observe knowledges and skills in professional working environment. One of the student interns reflected on his/her internship experience with the Center as follows:





PACE International Internship program

CSHL has recruited foreign interns every year. The program has provided foreign interns with practical and holistic understanding of human rights works and challenges facing academic institutions in Cambodia. It also increases communication skills of foreign interns by being exposed to different cultural working environment and increase supervision skills of the Center Researcher. The interns can assist the Researcher and students in preparing for moot court competitions and contribute to the Center’s works on developing teaching materials for fair trial rights course and resources for the Teaching Handbook.