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In late 2018, CSHL signed an agreement with Dr. Julie Bernath from Swisspeace, funded by the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangkok, to carry out the Book Project. This project aims to provide Cambodian early career researchers with the opportunity to acquire research experience of the internationally competitive academic publication process and to develop their writing and publication skills. It also aims to promote their voices in academic, English-language publications on the dealing with the past process in Cambodia, which have so far been dominated by international or Western scholars. By February 2020, the Book Project was successfully completed with six research papers, two of which are contributed by CSHL Director and Researchers. They are written by eight Cambodian researchers and published by Swisspeace as the Cambodia Working Paper Series. The six papers were mainly reviewed and mentored by Dr. Julie  Bernath and CSHL former researcher and current research fellow, Ms. Ly Ratana (PhD candidate at the University of Victoria, Canada). It would not be possible for the Center to carry out the Book Project without the core support it received from RWI.


Upholding the Right to Lawyer: Lessons Learned from the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia 

Kimsan SOY & Vandanet HING (2019)

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‘Duty Not to Forget’ the Past? Perceptions of Young Cambodians on the Memorialization of the Khmer Rouge Regime

Boravin TANN & Khuochsopheaktra TIM (2019)

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