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The European Commission Horizon 2020 project on “Institutions for Knowledge Intensive Development: Economic and Regulatory Aspects in South-East Asian Transition Economies,” our researcher, Ngouv Muy Seo visited TTU, Estonia for a period of three months for a study and research. During her visit, Muy Seo received invaluable comments from relevant TTU Law faculty members on her research. Muy Seo had an opportunity to co-author a journal article with a TTU law professor, which would be submitted for publication. Her topic of research involves a comparative study of the right to be heard and represented of children in criminal justice in Cambodia and Estonia.


Prosecuting the Khmer Rouge: Views from the Inside

Ratana LY (2017)

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Understanding Acceptance of International Justice through Duch’s Sentence at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

Kimsan SOY (2016)

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